How long does a building inspection take?


Whether you are buying a newly constructed home, an old property or building a brand new house, it is very important to consider a range of aspects. A building inspection is one such aspect that demands the highest attention of the home buyer. If you want to have a comfortable, hassle-free and happy life in your new house, a home inspection is a key to it.

So, what exactly is a building inspection?

Before we understand the timeline of a building inspection, it is important to have a clear understanding of the concept. Assuming that a house can have several potential structural and functional damages, a building inspection is a process to inspect the property in order to identify such aspects. Before you buy a house or move into one, it is very important to engage a reputed building inspector and get your property inspected. The report of the building inspector declares the safety and stability status of the property. In case of construction, a building inspection is a way to ensure that the contractor complies with the building standards.

Is building inspection important? What are the different types of building inspections?

Yes, a building inspection is one of the things that you must have on top of your priority list. It may take you some added time to get a building inspection done, but, it is crucial to perform it for future benefits.  Further, depending upon the type of building inspection, the time frame may differ. Thus, it is important to know the type of building inspections before you undergo one. 
  1. Building Inspections
  2. Timber Pest Inspections
  3. New Home Stage Inspections
  4. Defect Inspections
It is very much possible that you would need to engage with a professional home building inspection to get all the above-mentioned inspections done.

How much time does a building inspection will need?

Usually, 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete a building and pest inspection respectively. However, the time required depends on the size of the house as well as its conditions. The number of issues that arise during the inspection is another aspect that can affect the time taken to complete the process. 

Finally, each building inspector would have its unique approach and this too would affect the timeframe for building inspection.

What are the key elements included in a building inspection?

A building inspection covers a range of elements related to the structural and functional integrity of a building, including:

  • structure
  • foundations
  • floors
  • electrical areas
  • ventilation and drainage
  • plumbing
  • asbestos
  • any moisture issues
  • retaining walls
  • termites and other pests
  • ceilings and walls
  • fencing
  • advice about maintenance
  • guttering
  • eaves
  • hot water services
  • heating and cooling
If you are considering buying a new house or an existing building, it is very important to engage with a professional building inspector and get a building inspection done. The building inspection report not only tells you about the structural and functional aspects but also a negotiation point to bargain during the buying process.

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