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Fastest Building Inspection Process

While the Estate Agent may have told you the property is in excellent condition. It is essential to get an expert opinion from a n experienced building and pest inspector. What looks like a minor crack could lead to something major. A freshly painted house could be hiding rotted timber or worse, Termite damage. Some people can go to great lengths to cover up major defects.
Here at the FBI we use only the best quality and latest equipment and techniques to detect these defects and more. We use the latest Termatrac T3i electronic termite detection device on all our jobs at no extra charge. The Termatrac T3i All Sensor is the most accurate and non-invasive detector available. The unique 3-in-1 design incorporates Termatrac’s patented radar technology, relative and direct moisture sensor as well as a thermal sensor for extra confidence. The T3i All Sensor was designed to help operators locate, confirm and track the presence and extent of termite and other pest activity.
We’ll also bring powerful torches and ladders and safety equipment to access every part of your future home or investment property.

To book your inspection simply email us at or call us on 0417 833 688. Let us know what type of inspection you require, The address of the property, your preferred dates and times and we will confirm costs and payment arrangements. Or give us your estate agents details and will will contact them to arrange the inspection. We will then confirm the times and arrangements with you and email you a Building Inspection Agreement to sign and return to us, which is required to comply with the Australian Standards for Building Inspections (A.S 4349-2007).

After the inspection has been carried out, the building inspector will email you a detailed building inspection report. It will identify any minor or major defects, structural issues, problems and potential problems. It will also include photos, so you can see exactly what the defect is. You are then welcome to contact the inspector if you have any further questions or need any advice as to the nature of the defect.

We’ll inspect the building site including driveways and paths, sheds, carports, verandahs, pergolas, decks, stairs, porch, fences, gates, retaining walls, surface drainage, pool fences, trees, Building exterior including the external cladding, roofing, gutters, downpipes, eaves, fascia, hot water service, water tank, windows, weep holes and ventilation, external doors, Garage, under the subfloor, inside the roof space, all the interior rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, living rooms, dining room and study. We leave no stone unturned.



Meet The Proprietor

Rick Los

The FBI is fully owned and operated by Rick Los. Rick has over 40 years of experience in the building industry, he’s a Registered Building Practitioner, Drone Inspections and Aeriel Photography, and Qualified Tradesman. Rick has extensive hands on experience building and renovating homes in Melbourne for over 40 years. Rick has a solid reputation for always going out of his way to provide the most helpful service and thorough inspection.

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