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Fully Insured Building Inspection Frankston

We are experienced, dedicated and fully insured building practitioner in Frankston. Irrespective of the age, style or condition of a property, we ensure that we go deep into the details while inspecting the property as a prospective purchase for you. We ensure that you invest in a prosperous investment and not in a money pit that brings you both financial and emotional trauma. Our building inspection covers all the visual aspects of the structure, ensuring integrity and stability. While inspecting the property, we adhere to the Australian Standard AS4349 which states that independent and objective advice is a critical aspect of making a big investment like a property purchase. The decision must be made by taking into account the knowledge of the physical state of the property.

We make detailed reports and highlight the key aspects of the structural stability including major defects, an account of minor defects, all safety hazards of serious and urgent nature in Pre Purchase Building Inspection. Our report of Pre Purchase Building Inspection and all the points mentioned in it are supported by photographic proofs that serve as a key negotiation tool for the buyer as well as the seller.

Building Inspection in Frankston

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Why choose Fastest Building Inspection Frankston?

At Fastest Building Inspection, our aim is to make you aware of not only the major structural aspects of the property but also the minor details that could cost you great maintenance and repairs in long-term. A Building and Timber Pest Inspection is an imperative tool to evaluate the worth of an investment and we are the certified, seasoned and reliable partner to trust. Our team inspect the house spanning from the roof to the tiles and beyond. We also conduct Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) inspection to ensure that no part of your property contains asbestos.

Using modern techniques along with conventional tools, we ensure that you have a complete profile of your home, making it clear that your investment is worth. We offer fully documented, property-specific reports developed by a VBA registered building inspector to ensure a safe and lucrative investment. Buying a property is a big and expensive decision, make sure that you invest in a property worth the price tag with our experts of building inspection in Frankston.

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