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Specialising in Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspections

Specialising in
Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspections

At FBI our inspectors will carry out a full investigation on your future home and provide a fully comprehensive report with photos to assist your purchase decision. We leave no stone unturned. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in costly repairs by detecting major defects before they have signed a contract to purchase their dream home. This gives them the bargaining power to negotiate a better price to cover the cost of the repairs.

But remember to Always get your pre purchase inspection carried out prior to signing a contract with the estate agent as even when you sign the contract “subject to a building report” you are still very limited by this real estate act clause as it only covers you for major STRUCTURAL defects. Most major and costly defects are not actually STRUCTURAL and are therefore not covered by this clause. So you are better of getting a building inspection report prior to signing the contact as it gives you more bargaining power.

Fastest Turnaround: We do your inspection as soon as your agent is ready to let us in and You’ll receive your report the same day as your inspection.

Lowest price: Our prices are the best value for money for the quality of our reports. If you find a lower comparable price, we’ll price match it!

Latest technology: We only use the latest equipment in detecting defects and termites in your future home, including Termatrac: Thermal heat sensing, Radar vibration sensing and moisture sensing technology.

Professional Inspectors: Our inspector has over 40 years experience in the building industry, He is a Registered Building Practitioner, Qualified Tradesmen, and Certified Termatrac inspector.

Fully insured: Our inspector is fully insured with professional indemnity insurance and Public liability insurance.

Building inspection Cranbourne

Buying a property should never be a prompt decision. In fact, you should take enough time to evaluate the property and its investment value. Pre-purchase property inspection is one tool that you can use to ensure that the property is structurally and functionally top notch. At Fastest, we make sure that your ignorance towards what is acceptable and what not, do not land you in a nightmarish property. Our property inspectors spend their time and knowledge in identifying the loopholes in the property and offer you a detailed report.

We do not overlook any aspect of the building integrity and check all aspects including floor to roof plan assessment, walls, paint, plumbing and electrical safety, wet areas for leaks, and more. You can negotiate with the builder for the repair of the damages as well as the purchase price.

Quality Handover Building Inspector in Cranbourne

Before you take the handover of a property, make sure you get it inspected by a qualified building inspector in Cranbourne. Handover inspections are very complicated as they include significant technical aspects. A typical handover inspection includes many aspects of the property including paint defects, floor levels, uneven walls, door tops painted, grout width consistency, tiles mortar, wall plumbs, roof overhang into gutters, flashings etc. The property inspection report is then compiled with photographs for proof of the flaws. The inspection is performed with adherence to the Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2015 and the National Construction Code and other relevant Australian Standards.

The inspection is thoroughly compiled and each defect has extensive photographs to support the claim. We carry out independent and unbiased inspection of each part and stage of building construction including footings, steel reinforcement, the frame and the final defects inspections.

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Why choose Fastest Building Inspection in Cranbourne?

We are a trusted and certified building inspection Cranbourne company. Our inspectors are qualified and licensed and have served enough time in the industry. We aim to ensure that our clients make the best investments when it comes to property buying in Cranbourne. We leave no aspect of a property overlooked during our property inspection process. We cover all the internal (brickwork, placement of joints, concrete slabs, mortar, guttering, fascia, tiles, roofing and more) and external (door, cornice lining, walls, plaster joints, doors and windows and more) aspect of the building to ensure it is fully structurally abreast and functionally approved.

Our easy availability and competitive pricing make us the most recommended building inspector in the region. We have worked with thousands of property buyers and have inspected almost every second property. The chances are high that the property you are considering to purchase has already been inspected by us with a detailed property inspection report saved in our database.

Connect with us today and let us partner with you in your building inspection Cranbourne project. We ensure to make a solid report with key details that enable you to negotiate more firmly with the seller and make a fantastic purchase.


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